All About Town - Ledbury Community Day Saturday 1 June

The High Street was buzzing as more than 50 local organisations took part in Ledbury's biggest ever community day on Saturday 1 June. It was a colourful showcase for volunteer-run groups, clubs and networks that are working to make Ledbury such a vibrant and friendly place to live.

Stalls, displays and actvities were laid on in a bid to raise awareness of what's happening - and to get new members and supporters involved. Everything from bowling to archery, cooking to choral workshops, it is hoped that the Community Day will be an annual fixture in Ledbury's social calendar. 'It was all about celebrating Ledbury's fantastic quality of life', says event organiser Paul Kinnaird.

More information on Community Day activities is available here.

Photo: Ledbury in Bloom.

Countdown to Poetry Festival

Smashing piece in Hereford Times previewing Ledbury's world famous poetry festival. Read here.

Festival listings, information (and poetry) is available at

The Beast is Coming...

Concerning the roasting of whole oxen, organisers wrote this blog piece in the build-up to the big day.

"At precisely the planned time, ‘The Beast’ arrived in Ledbury High Street outside the Market House ready for tomorrow’s Ox Roast festival.

Watched over by Norman Stanier and Gabe Cook, the vehicle was manoeuvred into position ready for the cooking process to commence so that it will be ready for consumption at 12.30pm on Sunday June 2nd.

Whereas the original 1953 ox was roasted over an open fire, food hygiene regulations no longer permit this so it will be roasted in the enclosed trailer under carefully controlled conditions by experienced ox roasters to ensure it is completely cooked by the time people come to eat it.

Needless to say, a close eye will be kept on this vehicle while the cooking is in progress!"

And this is what it looked like at after fifteen hours over the fire:

Your Square Mile on Twitter

RT @drewinledbury: Great weekend in #Ledbury photos and reports of Community Day and Ox Roast on

#Ledbury: Watch archive footage of the original @ledburyoxroast on The People's Coronation with David Dimbleby (27m)

Great weekend in #Ledbury photos and reports of Community Day and Ox Roast on

About 20mins out from #Ledbury #communityday. Going to find me a bow to fire or maybe a cupcake to decorate. @ledburyoxroast

In partnership with:

Heineken logo

Home to our cider mill, HEINEKEN has long been a part of the Ledbury community.

HEINEKEN partnered with Your Square Mile to support our colleagues and neighbours in making the positive change they want to see in their community.

Ledbury Carnival 26 August

With the theme of "West End Comes to Ledbury" the Carnival this year is on Monday 26th August 2013 and runs from 11:00 to 18:00.

Ledbury's Big Day 2013

What a triumph! A day of pure celebration, perfect weather, music, dancing - and the food... well what do you expect in Ledbury?

Over five thousand people took to the streets for the long-awaited Ox Roast, marking the Queen's 60th Coronation celebrations.

Organised by volunteers from Ledbury's Rotary Club to raise funds for St Michael's Hospice, the event was a massive logistical exercise that has been six months in the planning. Ox Roast Committee chair Una Morgan says she's delighted with the outcome, but now would like a day or two's rest. Even so, she was still to be found bounding up the Homend today (Monday) tying up loose ends. Una and the entire team deserve a massive thank you for their tireless work.

Early reports suggest the event has raised about £7 thousand for the Hereford-based charity that cares for the terminally ill.

Read full reports here. 

Neighbourhood Plan Launched.

Ledbury's future is in our hands - that's the message from Ledbury's newly formed Neighbourhood Planning Group.

'This is a key moment in our future', says deputy town mayor, Cllr Bob Barnes. 'Really important decisions are being made now about the way Ledbury will develop over the next fifteen years. Local people need to get involved and have their say. This is a very exciting time for our town.'

Photo: Deputy mayor Cllr Bob Barnes (Ledbury Reporter)

New laws have handed power to local communities to shape the places in which they live. Where should new homes be built? What leisure facilities are needed? How can we increase jobs and build prosperity? 

Getting local people involved and feeling able to have their say is the key task of the process. Over the next nine months, there will be a round of consultations and research initiatives aiming to find out what all sections of the community value about their town, and what they'd like to see changed for the better.

Bringing it all together into a legally binding policy document, the Plan will then go out to a town referendum - and if adopted, will guide many of the planning and investment decisions that are currently handled by Herefordshire Council.

Get involved and find out more by clicking here to go the the special Neighbourhood Plan pages.

Ledbury's Library Hangs On a By Thread.

After the cliffhanger full council meeting in Hereford last Friday (24 May) when Herefordshire's entire libraries and culture was facing the axe as part of budget cuts, councillors finally voted for a stay of execution meaning for now, libraries remain open, although on reduced hours.

A massive public outcry met the drastic proposals to do away with all libraries in the market towns, and close museums. Protesters have already achieved an unprecedented 9 thousand plus petition which you can sign here.

The proposed budget cuts were put forward mid-way through the financial year after an £8 million 'black hole' was discovered in the original 2012 budget due to earlier budgeting mistakes. Hereford Council was faced with slightly raising council tax or cutting 'non essential' services like libraries, which they opted for.  

The anti-library cuts campaign has put up a Facebook page where you can keep up to date with news and developments.

Photo: Hereford Times

Where It All Started - At the Your Square Mile Workshop

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I am really looking forward the Ox Roast Weekend. Trying to call the weather to take suitable camping clothes. Any local weather buffs?

Elsewhere, here is an important message from Heineken, which needs to be brought to your attention.

"We’re looking forward to welcoming you to HEINEKEN Ledbury tomorrow at 10.00am for site tours, so you can see how we make our cider and how our site operates.

Please note that anyone under the age of 16 will not be permitted to take part in the site tours due to health and safety regulations"

A great article by Lydia Johnson of Hereford Times saying why people who dress differently from alternative sub-cultures shouldn't have to put up with abuse or be attacked. There's no excuse for aggressive prejudiced behaviour. Nice one Lydia!

At the Market Theatre on Monday 24th June at 7:15pm Live Opera from The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden in full HD with Dolby 5.1 sound Gloriana by Benjamin Britten Tickets £15 (students and over 60s £12): or 01432-383663.

Britten’s portrait of the public and private faces of Elizabeth I is a brilliant depiction of the Tudor court and the tension between affairs of state and affairs of the heart. Focusing on Elizabeth’s relationship with the young Earl of Essex, Gloriana captures the dichotomy between the public image of the Virgin Queen and her seething personal feelings - a familiar dichotomy in these days of celebrity-worship and media scrutiny.

If you're looking for work, there's a Jobs Fair Friday 7 June 2013 at Ledbury Community Hall

Get Involved with the Ledbury YSM Website

Following on from the Webinar held at Ice Bytes on 9th May we are holding the first meeting of those interested in getting involved with editing, contributing and running the site. Anyone is welcome: contact us if you are interested in coming along or finding out more. if you can't make Tuesday there will be plenty more opportunities!

Meeting in Ledbury 6:30pm 28th May

Media Trust, in conjunction with Your Square Mile and Heineken, would like to invite you to a Community Media workshop in Ledbury.

This workshop is being held following feedback from the community that local people would like to be more involved in community media.

This free event will give you the chance to learn from media experts about how to create your own articles, radio pieces, podcasts, videos, photographs and blogs. There will also be an opportunity to get further involved with

The workshop will take place in the evening on Tuesday April 30th. Places are limited so for more information and to request a place, please contact


It's now 3 months since we held our workshop in Ledbury. Whether you attended or not, we would now like feedback on your community life so we can look at adapting our services and engage partners on local issues

Please complete this 5 minute survey about Ledbury:

Thank you. We really appreciate your input.

A very successful meeting last week between YSM, Heineken and members of the Ox Roast Committee. 'The Ledbury Ox Roast Weekend - A Celebration of Ledbury Excellence' is shaping up to be a fantastic weekend. Saturday June 1st will be the Ledbury Community Day which will engage the local community in Ledbury and its locality by demonstrating the range of things that the clubs, societies and organisations in Ledbury offer and encouraging participation. The Ox Roast on Sunday June 2nd will commemorate the diamond jubilee of the queen's coronation and will be a revival of the original Ledbury Ox Roast in 1953. All proceeds from this day will go to the local St Michael's Hospice. More info below:

The ambition for a multi-purpose community centre, relates to a wider discussion in Ledbury about town development. Therefore, as an immediate step for anyone interested in this particular project, should get in touch with the The Town Plan Steering Group. They are seeking thoughts, comments and involvement in planning Ledbury's future. Visit the website and help Imagine Ledbury. Alternatively contact the chair of the group, Liz Harvey on